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The difference between led and lcd

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People always confound with LED and LCD,today we are going to analyze the difference between LED and LCD, facilitate everyone know it better.
Firstly, brightness, LED display individual elements of the reaction speed is 1000 times that of the LCD screen, its brightness relatively also have more advantages compared with LCD screen, LED display screen in bright light also can look after not false, and to adapt to the low temperature of 40 degrees below zero.
LED display
Secondly, power consumption, power consumption is people the most attention, the LED power consumption compared with LCD, its ratio of 10:1, in this regard, LED has a great advantage.
Thirdly, visual Angle, the Angle of the LCD monitor limitation is very big, this is a very busy headache problem, as long as the deviation from the Angle of the larger, cannot see the original color, even can't see anything; And the LED can provide up to 160 ° Angle of view, advantage is great.

Fourth, the refresh rate, LED by using electric energy into light energy, on the principle of injection, thus the refresh rate is higher, which in turn better in video processing.

Fifth, contrast, are now known to relatively high contrast LCD display for 350:1, but in many cases, unable to meet the various needs, can achieve higher, but the LED display is used more widely.
Sixth, the appearance, LED by using light-emitting diodes as the foundation, relatively speaking, LCD can do its display is thinner.

Seventh, use scope, the application range of LED display more widely than LCD display, it can display all kinds of words, Numbers, color images and animation information, can also be broadcast television, video, VCD, DVD, such as color video signal, more important is to network broadcast can use multiple image display.

The eighth, the service life of the LED display can support 100000 hours or so commonly, under normal circumstances, can be used for several decades, and the LCD is much smaller.
Ninth, colour, LED screen is more real than the colour of the LCD screen, this is because the LED color gamut than LCD TV.

After about this at 9 o 'clock, I believe you have a clearer concept of LED and LCD, the concept of later go shopping can also according to their own needs to choose and buy.

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