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P5 full color Bus led display

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  • P5 full color Bus led display

Ryham welcomes you to the future outdoor mobile advertising today!

We are proud to announce the launch of our revolutionary and the World’s most advanced LED bus advertising display in 2013.

Unlike the boring plastic display or the dull amber LED text only display you have seen, our dazzling LED bus display excites, captures and lock in the mass audiences’ attention by displaying supra bright, high impact, high resolution, full color photo or graphic, animation or video in many display effects. It can be seen around the bus under broad daylight from a short distance or afar. It’s also GPS equipped for narrow-casting to a targeted demographic area. This will no doubt become an instant most sought-after medium for the outdoor mobile advertising.

As an alternative media, Ryham’s full color LED bus advertising display only offers more cost-effective in reaching consumers than the traditional media, such as radio, TV, magazines and newspapers, it also has a much compelling higher recall rate than all of them combined. We are supremely confident that our led bus advertising will instantly become a strong brand and out-of-home advertising venue reaching millions of viewers daily by rapidly integrated into media buys by leading national advertisers and ad agencies. The service coverage areas will soon be launched in other major metropolitan cities. Using the world's most advanced technology, customer can quickly building a network of digital electronic display systems which will revolutionize both the outdoor and indoor advertising..

Our full color led bus adverting display is capable of displaying text, JPEG, BMP, GIF, AVI, MPEG, and other popular formats in 16.7 million full color and over 60 display effects in super wide viewing angle and target advertising for a more flexible and dynamic ad campaign. Our advertisers are also able to view a detailed advertising report via an internet browser. Action now and launch your next ad campaign

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